Lift Up Undetectable Bra
Lift Up Undetectable Bra
Lift Up Undetectable Bra
BK / China / M Lift Up Undetectable Bra

Lift Up Undetectable Bra

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Mystery Behind Immaculate Bends 

Regardless of the size of your boobs, each woman dependably plans to have better bends and shape. The Bunny Ear Lift-Up Bra Tapes are presumably the best answer for every one of these issues! These glue tapes with expert fitting offer extreme help to lift up your bosoms and to make regular cleavage. 

Made of therapeutic evaluated material, they are destined to be skin-accommodating, breathable and not to bring about any redness. They adhere to your boobs well without tumbling off yet it is anything but difficult to expel them. The well-shrouded highlight enables you to wear different outfits even Slipover neckline tops. 

To expand the life expectancy of your bra tapes, get an additional jug of Washing Specialist to expel tidies and soil! 


  • Work for all sizes: lift up your boobs and make normal cleavage regardless of the boob measure 

  • Skin-accommodating: embrace therapeutic reviewed material to avert redness 

  • Ensured wellbeing: sticky firmly to your boobs to not cause closet breakdown 

  • Excessively undetectable: can be worn underneath different tops and concealed well 

  • Not to limit development 

  • Appropriate notwithstanding for those with touchy skin 

  • Water-safe 

  • Safe to wear during swimming or notwithstanding when you sweat 

  • Hand wash with 30 degree Celsius water 


  • Item Type: Hare Ear Push-Up Bra Tapes 

Sizes Accessible: 

  • 9.5cm for Cup A – C 

  • 11cm for Cup D – E 

  1. 13cm for Cup F - G ( New Choice ) 

Shading: Dark, Beige,Brown Panther, White Panther, Botanical