Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
Round Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
rectangle Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
2pcs Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
triangle Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads
Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads

Shrewd Elastic GEL Pads

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Nano Elastic Gel Pad need no glue or screws. They can be appended to a divider regardless of whether it is uneven. The suction is truly solid so things don't detach or strip! 



  • Holds questions immovably and consistently at any edge. 
  • Reusable; wash away the residue just with simply water 
  • At the point when the cushions are expelled they don't leave a grimy imprint 


Water confirmation and warmth verification to 100°C these virtuoso cushions won't debilitate or liquefy 


Tribute from one of our clients 

" With regards to utilizing telephone holderI have had a great deal of bad dreams before! I once utilized some exceptional paste and it basically took half of my telephone off. I have utilized stickers, cements and heaps of other "arrangements" and none of them have ever worked or after some time they just got more fragile and flimsier.

When I saw the Gel Cushions online I was very doubtful of the quality of them. Be that as it may, as I began to utilize them I understood they were actually what I required. No issue, simple to utilize and they don't leave any imprints on my Mobile! 

So there we go! I would prescribe the Gel Cushions to anybody searching for a Genuine arrangement! "


NOTE: If it's not too much trouble be exhorted that the nano-cushions function admirably on lustrous and clean surfaces. It would be ideal if you abstain from staying on dusty or harsh surfaces.